Music: how to earn 30-100 thousand dollars a year?

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Music: how to earn 30-100 thousand dollars a year?

9 July 2020 How to Make Money with Music 0



I apologize for language errors. English is not my native language ­čÖé



How to earn so much money on music?

It’s quite simple:

1) You don’t have to have thousands of UU

You can earn thousands of dollars a year, even if:

  • you have a blog that hardly anyone reads
  • you are recording a podcast that hardly anyone cares about
  • you play in a band that almost nobody knows
  • you run a YouTube channel that almost nobody subscribes to


2) You don’t have to beg for cooperation with brands

This is great news for those who focus only on statistics. They do it to interest different brands. You don’t have to do it if you want to earn thousands of dollars a year.

3) You may be little known in the industry

You don’t have to be an influencer. You can be a beginner.



How to earn 30, 70, 100 thousand dollars a year?

The answer is in the video below. The idea is simple. You need to gather a loyal audience around you.

Relax, it’s not about tens or hundreds of thousands of fans. A thousand people or just a few hundred are enough.



Wait a minute, only 1000 fans?

1000 Facebook fans, 1000 newsletter readers or 1000 YouTube channel subscribers … Is it difficult to attract so many fans? No, it’s simple, but …

you need to attract 1000 REAL fans.



Who are the real fans?

Real fans:

  • are able to buy everything you have written, recorded etc.
  • are ready to follow you to the end of the world to hear you speak
  • sign up for everything you ask for
  • regularly like, share and comment on your posts

How many real fans do you have?



Is it easy to find 1000 real fans?

Imagine people who are kind to you and know you well. Would your uncle or aunt buy your latest book?

Would you buy a picture painted by your cousin? Would you buy a CD with your sister-in-law’s songs?

Yes, you would buy to please them.

However, would you buy a second, third or fifth album? Would you buy a second, third or fifth picture?

Don’t say, I know your answer.

What’s the conclusion?

Even in your family, it’s difficult to find your true fans.



Why do you need real fans?

If you want to earn $ 30,000 a year, find 1000 real fans who will REGULARLY spend $ 30 on your products every year.

The numbers are just examples. There could be 2,000 fans spending $ 15 every year. There could also be 300 fans spending $ 1,000 a year.

By the way: are you somebody’s real fan? Are you the person who buys every book, online course or anything else that sells your idol?



The idea is trivial, but…

As you can see, the idea is simple in theory, but very difficult to implement in the real world.

Of course, if you have 200,000 UU per month today, it’s easy to find 1,000 real fans in this group of people.

But if you are just starting …



See a video about the idea of a thousand real fans:



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